Wall and Kitchen Backsplash Experts in West Chester

Call the experts at Schul Tile and Stone Inc if you're looking for wall and kitchen backsplash installations in West Chester. We have over 28 years experience doing custom kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom remodels. 

Call us today at (513) 720-7077 to schedule your free estimate!

Experienced Workers

With over 25 years of experience we consider ourselves to be the best tile and stone specialists in the tri-state area. 

Paying experienced workers for your remodel is a great investment. You'll get a better finished product and it will last longer. 
Kitchen tiles installed by experts in West Chester, OH

Father and Son Team

We are family owned and operated. Owner Dave was happy to pass his passion to his son Bryan. We work well together because we have the same common goal. Giving you the product you asked for and payed for. 

High Quality Work

We hold our craft in high esteem and because of that we always expect high quality work to be done. Our goal is to get the job done on time, on budget, and without making any mistakes. 

Call (513) 720-7077 to Talk to The Tile and Stone Experts at Schul 
Tile and Stone Inc!

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